The Turkana People

The Turkana are Kenya’s third-largest tribe and the second largest group of nomadic pastoralists. It is estimated that they arrived in Kenya 200 years ago.

Most Turkana people are goat and sheep herders, some engage in small-scale agriculture and fishing on Lake Turkana. The mother tongue is referred to as Turkana which is one of the Eastern Nilotic languages.
Typically Turkana women are adorned with beads around their necks. the number of beads indicate wealth. It married woman wears a ring around her neck made of wire or brassing rod. The color indicates the age group of her husband.

The men (and occasionally some women) scar themselves by poking poisonous thorns under the skin to adorn their bodies. The scarring may also be an indication of how many enemies the individual has killed. The Turkana people can often be recognized by their facial scars.