Our Goals

The Turkana region of Kenya is subject to yearly periods of drought. For the last 12 years, the Turkana have received occasional relief food, costing approximately $1.39/person/day.

The overall goal of WFLL is to raise capital for materials to install solar powered submersible water pumps that will provide:
1. a clean water source for sanitation and health
2. an irrigation water source to grow crops that will:

A.  provide food for an additional 100 families per year that will feed at least 2000 additional people every day for many years.

B.  provide cash crops so families can pay school fees. buy cement blocks for homes, buy tin for roofs, purchase medicines and supplies…..

Financial Goals

Our goal is to provide an additional 100 families with irrigated garden spots each year and 24 new clean water wells.

Budget for 2016   $281,500

Committed as of May 1, 2016    $217,000

Seeking partners for the remaining     $63,500

All funds go directly to the Turkana projects.

As the wells are installed. community based health training will be provided. The Turkana people will be given the opportunity to expand their own futures because their food insecurity problem will have been eliminated, plus they will have viable cash crops to improve their lives.

If you would like to partner with the Turkana families, you can make a donation to the paypal link below.
IRS Employment 1.D. Number: 20-8009379