About WFLL

putting water in cowpea bagWater for Life and Livelihood (WFLL) is a 501(3)(c) organization with an emphasis on providing solar powered wells for irrigation and sanitation to the Turkana people of Kenya. WFLL is the vision of Mr. Gene Morden who lived in the Turkana region 16 years and taught practical systems maintenance procedures and sustainable irrigated agriculture methods.

The Board members are as follows:
Gene Morden
Robert M. Tippett
Jim Clum
Sean Mars
Charles Laird
Brian Worden

“We, who have plenty. need to show the less fortunate how to help themselves. What they need most is a hand up. not a hand out. Those who cannot go. need to help those who will go to help the people who desperately need help.” Jim Clum – WFLL Board Member

“The desire of the organization is not to provide aid but provide a partnership with the people that encourages fiscal independence and sustainability.” Charles Laird – WFLL Board Member